Mother in law is frustrating me!

Chynna • Mama bear 🐻

So I'm exclusively bf my daughter and I work a few days a week. I started pumping a while ago and I was on it. I had lots of milk storage. But lately I've just been pumping enough for her to get through a day without me. So it's limited. My rule is not to use the milk when I'm home because it's for the times I'm away. Well my mother in law still tried to feed her a bottle while I'm home! I can literally be in the next room and she will thaw my milk and try to feed her! Whenever I give her to her grandma I make sure she is fed since she always is saying that she is hungry. She is sucking on her hands now because she's an early teether not because she is hungry. It's really frustrating and I have very nicely told her more than once this. Yet she continues to do it. I get that she wants to probably feed her sometimes and that's fine. But she can ask to do it the days her son is home with our baby since he is there all night.