Blood When I Wipe πŸ˜• Updated


Update: Saw the midwife this morning and she determined that the bleeding is from my cervix. I am still 1 cm dilated, pretty much 100% effaced and baby's head is literally sitting right on my cervix which is causing the bleeding and she's also hitting my pelvic bone which is causing the pain. She said it is not unheard of and it may continue until I go into labor 😣 I am just hoping she comes sooner rather than later at this point. Idk how long I can take the constant painπŸ˜• ------------------------------------------------------------ Stressing here... 36+4... already called midwife and she said to change pad, clean myself up and walk around some and see if it stops or increases. it's not a show as no mucus included. I'm trying not to freak out. I've had a ton of pelvic pain/pressure and back pain for the last 4 days. She said it could also be due to pelvic changes or a uti. I never knew bleeding could be normal this far into pregnancy.