38 Weeks (No dilation but low fluid levels)


Hey everyone!

FTM here, last night I went to the hospital because I felt like I was leaking coupled with some bathroom runs, and a little spotting I figured I would call!

I went in, they did an U/S and a rump test . They said my baby looked great but his fluid levels were borderline at 7.5cm. The contractions were 14 minutes apart (assuming just BH?!)

The rump test came back negative indicating my water didn't break. They told me since I had my OB week checkup this morning I could go home. I went to the OB this morning they checked my cervix and it's still shut.

I'm just getting nervous with every feeling I have.. has this happened to anyone else? They scheduled one last OB visit for a follow up to check fluids next week at (39)