Help please?

Chrissi • Rainbow baby boy due May 10th 2018 🌈💙

Hi all, I'm in need of some advice.

My partner is very shy, and naturally a quiet person, whereas I'm naturally very open and dominant, take charge and make plans etc. He doesn't like being in control of anything, and you can imagine where this is going!

Recently, he's asked me to be dominant in the bedroom, and he would like to be very submissive. He's asked that we try some light bondage stuff, and when I ask him to go into depth, he just says he doesn't really know what he wants. The only thing he knows about is being tied up. So what sort of things can we do, that'll please him? The most bondage we have done is mild scratching and biting which isn't really a lot!

Also, I'm not confident in the bedroom. I'm very self conscious, after miscarrying and being left with looser skin and weight gain from food cravings etc. How do I become dominant when I'm not comfortable in my skin? This isn't something I've ever put thought into. I myself, like a man who takes control.

Could we take it in turns to be sub/dom to one another?

So if he doesn't know what he wants, where do I start? Ideas please ladies?

Ps, I don't like oral sex, giving or receiving. As I don't find it pleasurable, he also doesn't like receiving oral, as it's "awkward" but he really wants to go down on me 🙈