Blessing on a special day


Last October I lost my baby brother of only 18 to a horrific accident. His car was found burning the day before my birthday , and even tho it seemed impossible after a month of waiting for test we find out it was his body. Still no idea how it happened cuz the fire was so bad there was barely any evidence of what was inside the vehicle. Even tho we are 10 years apart he was my shadow, my baby, my best friend. My 3 year old daughter loved her uncle Cody.

FAST forward to this May it was terribly hard to walk down the aisle without my baby brother seeing me, but we made it. First day of our honeymoon found out I was pregnant. 😂 We all pray for a health baby bit with no boys left in the family we hoped for a boy. I Happen to be just far enough along to find out on my brothers birthday that IT'S A BOY !!! So happy I think days later I still can't stop crying.. I may not be a big church goer but I feel so lucky n blessed for what I've been given and when. Can't wait to meet our little boy in February