Condom broke, I'm afraid that I might be pregnant

My boyfriend and I were having sex on the 25th August and the condom broke inside me but we haven't felt or heard it, I just felt a lot of liquid inside me, my boyfriend didn't ejaculate, it was only the pre-cum.

So my question is: may I be pregnant? My first day of the last period was on 7th August and on 8th July the month before. I don't know how long my cycle lasts, it's a bit different every month.

After we discovered the condom has broken I went to the bathroom to shover and some liquid started to go out from my vagina. Every day after that a little bit of that liquid comes out but I noticed the increase of the liquid before I get my period every month.

I really need answers if I may be pregnant because I am way too young to have a baby and I am very scared!

Ps.-don't use Durex Invisible and Durex Love condoms - they brake way too easy.