Don't understand...HELP


We have been trying for almost a year now....

aug 17 I got sick with heavy duty salmonella lasted about a week. He got sick with it that Sunday before I did. We have been trying so hard. My period was suppose to come august 28 ( glow always I mean ALWAYS has my period tracked on time) well it took me about a week to get over the salmonella.... but ever since then I have had hot/cold spells one min I'm hot the next I'm cold and haven't had much of a appetite at all. Well my period was a day late but not really sure if it's my period I always cramp bad when I start and the cramp last for about 3 days but today (aug 29 @ 6) I started but it wasn't like usual it was light and there ain't nothing really there? Just when I wipe sometimes..... could this be implantation or maybe I just might have a off period cause I was sick?