Doctor Appointment

Jessica • 24💞 in love😍 pregnant🙊

Okay, SO! I am 24..I have been taking BC pills since I was 18. I got on BC because of very heavy, extremely painful cycles. Well, ever since I have been in BC, my cycle has not been normal. I didn't have a schedule, it came and went as it pleased. Well, I miscarried on BC back in March. My dr had my off all forms of BC for a month, until my next cycle and she put me on a new BC. Well, it was discontinued & my pharmacy took it upon themselves to start feeding me a new BC that they claimed was "the same formula". I took that for 3 months and bled with very smells discharge for the entire 3 months. I took it upon myself to stop taking that BC. I have now been off all BC for a month & my body/mind feel 110% better! I have a Dr appointment in 2 days (Friday) which I had originally set for changing my form of BC from a pill to something else..IUD or whatever my Dr thought would work well for me. Now my BF of 2 years & I have decided to possibly try to have a baby. We will talk some more before I visit my Dr of course, but I am now thinking I need to speak to her about conceiving. Is there anything specific that I need to ask her or any tests that you recommend be done before we start this journey? Help ladies! I've obviously never done this before! Do I even need to talk to her about it? I have had some D&I; insufficiencies in my past so that worried me also. I am also a smoker/drinker/Red Bull drinker/coffee drinker? Do I need to ween myself from these habits or should cold turkey be okay for me & a baby? Any suggestions help!!!