Glucose test and midwife


So last Wednesday I took the 1 hour non fasting glucose test. I ate horrible that day, I mean everything you shouldn't consume I did. I had toast with jelly in the morning, I ate a banana cause I really didn't realize just How bad they are, and an hour before the test I had a 2 grilled cheese sandwiches from McDonald's . I choose these foods cause I couldn't go to take the test till 3 in the afternoon. Those foods were available to me at the times I was starving. I know how unhealthy they where. I don't normally eat that unhealthy. Well I found out I failed last Sunday. My score was 145. My midwife said I had gestational diabetes. She didn't offer me to take the 3 hour test or anything. She flat out was ready to diagnose me with GD, I didn't find this odd till I looked up information about the test. Apparently it is very common for people to fail the 1 hour one and pass the 3 hour one. Even with ten times worse scores than what I got. I had to call and ask my midwife if I could take the3 hour one and she agreed I could take it. However she has strong doubts I will pass, she has stated this a couple time. Am I missing something? Like why would the chances of me not passing be higher than other people that have failed worse than I have. Am I stupid for wanting to take the 3 hour? Any insight would be helpful. Please!