Birth Control, Period, or Pregnant? HELP


So I was taking my pills but I missed 3 days on it by accident when I was suppose to be"ovulating" but I know when you are on the pill you don't. My boobs are huge vainy semi sore, but I realize I'm having a lot of white creamy discharge, I'm always wet and my vagina feels like it's on fair. I'm suppose to be getting my period tomm, so I didn't want to take a test. I have been pregnant before but it was eptoic. I'm just nervous that I could be pregnant and I wouldn't know. As well by my bladder is extremely hard. Has anyone else had this while they were pregnant, my boyfriend and my Bestfriend are convinced that I am. Just wanted to know what you guys thought please let me know your thoughts!! Also when I missed those 3 days I got bleeding but then it stopped.