Mind your business!


Most of the time I eat pretty healthy, I'm almost 11 weeks pregnant and I try to eat what's best for the baby (oranges, apples, grapes, salad...). The other day I was craving pizza like no other. There's a dude I sit across from at work who is like a "gym dudebro" and he's all about supplements and health.

I ordered a medium extra cheese pizza and was eating it at my desk. He comes back to his and looks over at me as I'm stuffing my face and goes, "Wow that's a lot of food. That's so unhealthy." Like.. no shit? I eat what I can hold down. But that day I couldn't handle the citrus and would puke it up, but the pizza was fine so I ate that. Can you carry a child, sir? Can you go through this? No, you can't. I'll eat what I can handle and you can shut your mouth.

Still feeling crabby about it 😂 I'm glad he's not here today