Break up happy???


Me and my bf just got into an argument. He was mad that I couldn't see him today on his day off, but tbh ladies ive been the man in the relationship, I've paid for everything and I've treated him with respect something he never did. The ONLY good thing about him was his loyalty that's it 😂 he deleted his snap and basically did everything to stay loyal... and we got into an argument and I think he broke up with me. Is it bad that I'm actually happy as hell right now. I just feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me. It's crazy because he's always the one breaking up with me when things get rough but I've always been Understanding but now I'm done ... but can anyone tell me why is he such an asshole to someone who cared n welcomed him to my house when he had no where to go??

The problem is that I know he's going to come back. He always has. I have no problem moving on but he has no one. He lives on his own and I was his #1 fan and go to. It's all been childish and even my parents know I deserve better. I don't want to block him bc I dont wanna come out as looking immature but I get temptations to text back to defend myself but then again if I don't he'll be like see ! U ain't even text me back lair u never loved me its over " like he's so bipolar I'm just scared of the outcome 🤷🏻‍♀️

Any advice ?