Which do I choose?


I feel like I've tried every birth control on the block. My favorite was the shot, it was something I never had to worry about taking daily, or forgetting to take. It was quick, painless and easy. Then, I had a bad allergic reaction. Devastating. So I was on any type of birth control for a while. Big mistake. I got pregnant, and had an abortion because I wasn't ready. I went back on the pill as soon as that was over with but I gained SO MUCH weight. The pill is something I have to really remember to take, usually I would forget if I didn't have a phone reminder. I was so unhappy with my body and could hardly look in the mirror. So I stopped yet again. Now I'm torn between the arm implant or the IUD. I hear the IUD is extremely painful. But really just looking for anything that won't cause me to gain so many lbs. any ideas???