Fetal Adrenal Mass

So 4 weeks ago we found a mass inside my baby's abdomen. Ive had 4 level 2 ultrasounds at the high risk doctor. The mass hasn't changed in size and they haven't really told me anything. Im sure they do that to all the mothers who have something scary going on but it seems cruel and unfair to me. They know its a hard mass near the adrenal gland/spleen and that hes doing fine for now.

Im having an MRI done tomorrow and will have to wait days before i know if it told us anything else.

From the extensive research ive done its most likely an adrenal hemorrhage or neuroblastoma. The most common fetal adrenal tumor is neuroblastoma(cancer) and its killing me.

I keep seeing things about childhood cancer and its really getting to me. Not knowing anything and having everyone baby glove me and not tell me anything.. im so scared for my son 😓

Mommy loves you Sam.