Sexually assaulted but I can't tell anyone

I can't help but cry while writing this. I know that I wasn't supposed to but yesterday I snuck out of the house to meet this guy so that he could give me some weed. Let's call him Jose. I met Jose when I was a freshman briefly, I am a junior now. Around that time I was 15 and he was 18. He has to be 20 now... I'm 16. Yesterday, he called me an Uber and it took me to his house. When I got there there was another guy with him got a bad feeling now. I thought it was only gonna be me and Jose. The guy he was with, let's call him Tyrone, passed me the blunt. I only hit it one time and that one hit made it hard to breathe. I knew that he laced it with something. I began to feel the high fairly quickly. I never felt this feeling ever before in all of my experience with weed. They asked me to hit it a second time but I said no. I could tell that they noticed me wobbling so I tried to stand up straight. "Whats in this?" I asked ... they both avoided the question. Jose told Tyrone to keep watch outside and said me and Ashley are going inside. (My name is Ashley. ) I asked him why are we going in the house and he replied "You already know what's going on shawty" and stupidly, I followed him inside. He locked the door behind us then it seemed like he forgot something so he unlocked the door opened it again, called out to Tyrone "Aye bro hurry up and come inside when you finish the blunt. Make sure you lock the door behind you!" I got scared at this point because I had already had an idea of what they where planning to do. "Lets go upstairs " said Jose. Then I said no I wanna go back outside. After I said that he put one of his hands on my hand which was on the doorknob then put his other and on my breast and groped them. I could tell that he was high and could smell him... "Don't you wanna have fun with me and my homeboy?" I unlocked the door and walked outside trying to stay calm. His friend was on his way into the door when I opened it so I slid past him. "Lets go on a walk" I told them "I could use I walk" said Tyrone. At this point I saw Tyrone licking his lips and staring at my butt. I walked about a meter ahead of them in the direction of what I last remembered the Uber driver took me. I was so far from home. "Aye why you walking so fast?!?!" Asked Jose. I didn't say anything. Once I reached the corner I just started sprinting. "Where you going?" Yelled Tyrone. "You Bitch!" Yelled Jose. I kept running but in all types of directions, the high had me messed up, and hid in another neighborhood. I called my big brother crying and told him to sneak out and get dads car to pick me up. He did... and he promised he wouldn't tell but said we need to do something... I told him no and to forget this ever happened. Idk what to do or if I should tell. I don't wanna get in trouble. But I also don't want those guys to hurt another girl. I don't think anyone will believe me.