Wanting a baby

Liz • Wichita Falls, Tx 🏡 Happily Taken 💕💜

My boyfriend and I haven't been together that long.

Wayyyy too early to talk about trying to conceive.

But, I want a baby 😂

NOW, by saying this I do NOT mean that I'm going to try and talk him into it.

I am NOT even going to bring it up.

We are going to continue our sex life the way it is.

I am NOT going to do some kind of twisted shit with his cum either.

I just wanted to get this off my chest because, I have no one I can tell.

I'm not some crazy insane person who wants to have a child against his will.

And I'm not trying to "baby trap."

And I'm 19, not a 14 year old trying to get pregnant.