welllll :) !!!


I lost my straightener that was $400...

and I found it!

followed by all my makeup

I'm so excited I can't even sleep.

I'm gonna take a shower real early tomorrow and get all dressed up and ready and sexy!!

I can't wait to feel confident again :)

Update: this post was about how happy and excited I am to have my things back and how confident I'll feel in the morning when I get ready. sorry to disappoint some of you. and I got the straightener on a lay away sale over the holiday season and got it for $120. I have a very particular hair texture so its hard to find a straightener that works nicely on my hair and this one does. A lot of other straighteners don't work that great on my hair type. so If you're content with a $40 straightener good for you but we all have different types of hair so some people do have to spend more.. why do some people spend hundreds of dollars on makeup? I can get EVERYTHING I need for $50 at MOST... cuz everyone does things differently and has different skin.

plz stop with the rude and critique comments