baby momm

Hey ladies ,

So my boyfriend's ex (baby mom to his 2 kids) recently got a new boyfriend so shes all crazy about him wants to do everything with him ... which is fine. But here's the problem...

Last weekend she went away with her new boyfriend all weekend told us she was gonna come get the kids for a few hrs when she got back (on sunday).. so i texted her "hey are u still taking the kids for a few hrs so i know when to have them ready"  she responds "im not sure we havent left yet" (its now 5pm its a 5 hr drive). So i go "okay wel let me know" which she obviously never came and got them.

All summer shes had them a total of overnights 9 times.. my boyfriend works weekends she has off weekend's . So my boyfriend took off this coming Saturday (the 9th) cause its our babys 1st bday party.

Well she texted me around 5 asking if she can drop the kids off to me saturday from 3pm-9pm cause she has a wedding to attend with her bf.. (they only been dating a month).  My boyfriend and i never get a day of alone time which we were gonna actually Saturday and maybe even go on a date my mom was gonna watch my son for 3 hrs so we could which we thought would be fine being shes off and saturday is her day... well nope probably not gonna happen

 The thing is that she doesnt ask she just tells u shes doing something.  So my boyfriend told her no im sry i have plans i cant cancel. So now shes all well can ur mom do it can ur sister can ur brother etc etc etc...

What would u do? Nd how would u feel? Plz no bashing