Loud at night

Kiki • His, Mine and Ours 😘💕🎀 A4 (Alexia, Abigail, Ava Grace and Baby Amelya Mae ) 💋

My LO is getting ready to hit 3 months on Friday and I am curious is anyone else's LO super loud taller grunter in their sleep? What can I do to help with this? We have tried gas drops which make her spit up more as well as tried changing from Enfamil AR to Gentleease which was a no go she immediately stopped eating all together. She doesn't fully wake but she does toss and turn and grunt ALL night 😔 right now she is with us I our room until we get a bigger place but at this point she only wakes up for one feeding but is keep us up all night because she is sooo loud..... HELP!!!!