Think I am dreaming

Amy • - mummy to Joshua

Think I am dreaming!! So this is my first month ttc, AF not due until 8/9, but at 2:30 this morning I woke up needing to pee, so in my half sleep faze I decided to take a test( top test) ........waited 3 minutes and looked at the test..I couldn't quite work out if there was a line or not so decided to go back to up 2 hours later to go to work and looked again at the text...vvvvvvv faint line had appeared....I couldn't concentrate at work all day thinking about it so, when I got home I took another test (middle test) however only got a min to look at it before I was distracted and had to leave the house...only one line.....when I got home again I looked and yet again a vvvvvvvvv faint line so I decided to take a digital test (bottom test) BFP!!!! Fingers crossed for a sticky bean