Can't help to be jealous

My coworker just announced to me that she's pregnant. Literally just like 1 month ago or so she was telling me she got off birth control because she wants to become pregnant again. And now BAM ! She's pregnant 😭😭😭 literally on her first try after getting off BC she became pregnant. During our lunch break I heard her on the phone scheduling her appointment with her obgyn. I'm so happy for her but GOSHHHHHHH I couldn't help to feel so jealous and upset. My fiancé and I have been struggling for 3 years now and we just found out our only way to become pregnant is through <a href="">IVF</a> due to his low sperm count, motility and morphology. It's just crazy and unfair that some people are able to get pregnant so quickly and others like myself and my fiancé have to pay lots of money just to become pregnant !! So not fair 😔 I'm so stressed, sad, mad and jealous ! I hate feeling jealous for other pregnant girls but I just can't help it.