sick baby so frustrated 🤒😴

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Liam is 20 weeks old and is sick. again. first cold caught at 5 weeks old and lasted 12 days.

now, yesterday he started sleeping more, and sneezing. mommy instincts told me something was up.

later that evening it hit. snotty nose, unable to breathe through his nose (needs to have it aspirated every 30 minutes or less) can't eat well, and you can tell that he is so so frustrated by it all. he just wanted to sleep last night, but without being propped up hed gag reflex on mucus draining. low grade fever. you can tell by looking at him that he feels miserable. but, at least for right now hes still wanting to play and laugh.

he's too young for medicine at 4.5 months so... we just

bought a humidifier, some Johnson and Johnson soothing vapors bath, two different & better boogie suckers and nose drops. and most important -extra cuddles.

am I missing anything? can we do anymore than this?

he wants to nap pretty much off and on all day. and is eating, but hes not taking as much as normal.

can't sleep at night but wants to nap on and off all thru the day.

on top of it he's getting his 3rd tooth and is teething hard. and were on the midst of the 4 month sleep regression. "I can do it I can do it I can do it.... " (lol)

I hate seeing my babes sick. breaks my heart, and makes my anxiety go sky rocket high. I think big brother's and sissy brought home some germs from school already. bc they're stuffy and snotty too.

anyone else battle first colds yet?