What's your guess?


So today we went for our 20 weeks scan and here is our perfect baby at 20 weeks 4 days being very difficult for the lady doing the ultrasound who spent 45 minutes trying to get the correct measurements. We are not finding out the gender or should I say we are not getting the gender confirmed because we are both as bad as each other when it come to guessing. 80% of people voted girl based on my 12 weeks scan. I was 100% convinced but today during our scan I swore I seen testicles more than once and also I glimpse of what I would say was a penis. When we came out of the scan room my hubby said I know what it is, so I go me too. He says it's a girl I didn't see any boy parts so must be ( bare in mind I had to point out even the baby's lips nose mouth arms etc etc to him) so I told him what I thought I saw. Back to been 50/50 which is good as we do want a surprise. But it was such a laugh we

Stood outside the room for 15 minutes saying shall we just go back in and ask her and we both just ran out the hospital before we ruined what we know we wanted. Anyway guesses welcomed 😍😍😍 Mum to 1 of each so we are happy with any.

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