I really just want to hear your experiences. I have been in communication with my Dr and had two blood draws for quants. First one was in normal range and have to wait for second results.

However my history of pregnancy is an ectopic in 2015 and a miscarriage this past Jan-march (messed up my tracker app) and now I have a positive test result but my symptoms are more similar to my ectopic than my miscarriage.

Is there anyone whom had a normal pregnancy after an ectopic with the same or similar symptoms??


I know it's taken me a long time to update. But I hope this helps someone who might be dealing with what I am. After posting here and talking to my sister whom has had 5ectopics and 2 lost pregnancies. I checked myself into the ER. I was having pains that were not normal for a healthy pregnancy. I am glad I did because my HCG numbers were progressing at a normal healthy rate, so the tests my dr was doing would not have helped to diagnose my type of pregnancy. I am 2% of 20% of all woman. I was diagnosed with a cornual ectopic. The baby makes it to the uterus for implantation but is so close to the tube that between 9 and 20weeks the uterus ruptures,(because the tube can't stretch). The pregnancy was progressing at a normal healthy rate due to a great blood supply, I was 7 1/2weeks baby had a healthy heartbeat and was growing at a normal rate. The drs first choice was to surgically remove the pregnancy. Because I had an ectopic before I asked if we could medical management using Methotrexate. After some discussion they agreed. I received 4, 75ml(determined by body weight) doses every 48 hours for the next week along with another medication on the 24hr mark to prevent me from loosing too much of my normal tissue. For me this was successful and I was able to proceed to natural miscarriage of the remaining pregnancy.

I share this because I knew when I was given my diagnosis that a surgery would increase my chances of another ectopic and decrease my chance of a normal pregnancy without medical assistance. I hope that none of you ever have to face the heart break that I did. But if you or a loved one do that you remember my story and decide what is best for you not just what the drs first choice is.