14 and thought about sex HELP


So I'm 14 and a half and I have been becoming more open to the idea of sex at this age. I have never had a boyfriend or kissed a guy but for some reason i have thought like if I got a boyfriend now and made out I would probably loose myslef and go the next step. I am really scared about this cause I don't want to be called a slut. I don't know how far is to far to go. If I did do it I also think I would feel used if he touched me and shit. I'm going on a cruise at the end of the year and I want to have my first kiss and make out with a guy but I don't know how much further I wanna go. I'm just scared I will have sex and the fact I'm not so against it at this age is scaring me. I'm feeling a lot of guilt at the moment. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE ANYONE AT ALL 😰😩