Heart broken💔💔

Alia • 02/29/2016 💍 Two adorable Furr Babies 🐶 Desmond 07/17/2018 👶😍

So this month has been a rollercoaster, I've been usually starting my period around the end of the month from the 27 to 30 or whatever. Well I was definitely late and I usually ignore it if I'm like 3 days or less because that is how I usually am. Well this month I was 6 days late, I was so excited because me and my husband have been TCC for a year after my miscarriage, well I was starting to feel some symptoms too like crazy sore boobs, tiredness, nausea, hard to eat certain foods, back pain and such. So I took two pregnancy tests and they gave a slight line and it look pretty obvious to me that I was, well yesterday after a nap I started bleeding and I saw someone say to take a test and it came out positive which broke my heart because I think I was loosing it and I really didn't want that to happen again. But as the day went on I started to realize it was period, and it was just crazy late which really upset me because why was I getting all these crazy symptoms of pregnancy when that wasn't the case. Anyone else have this happen to them? Or do I need to go to a mental hospital? 😅😕😞