I'm a high risk and got a few questions


Hello all,

I'm trying to conceive. The main factor I've got for a "high risk pregnancy" is based on my weight I'm obese---BMI is about 49, and have muscular dystrophy. Otherwise I am healthy. Blood work always come back normal. I have come back anemic a few times and recently had low vitamin D but fixing that now.

I don't drink, last time I drank alcohol was at 21 (I'm 28), don't smoke (never have), and don't do drugs.

I eat fairly balanced diet. I have multiple food allergies so I can't just indulge in anything so that helps with avoiding an unhealthy diet. I try to choose healthy and portion control. Not always happening but maintained weight pretty well for a few years. My muscular dystrophy makes it VERY difficult too lose weight.

My blood pressure can get high occasionally but not consistent. Fairly normal most of the time.

I'm curious what kind of doctor I should look into?

I'd like to try for an all natural birth, even a water home birth with an RN midwife and a hospital on speed dial. But curious if it's possible to find a doctor that can get on board for that with a high risk pregnancy??

Not pregnant yet. But trying to conceive. Are there things I can do to keep myself and future babies safe? What's the bare minimum I could gain to grow a baby safely without risking myself or baby? I'm currently 238 and trying to lose weight through diet (muscular dystrophy keeps me from being able to exercise as MD deteriorates muscles but never rebuilds them like healthy people).

Just want thoughts on others experiences. thanks!