Idk what's going on... I know none of you know either, but some input wouldn't hurt ???

So this is august for me. I'm not sure about the ovulation, I have PCOS so I don't know when I ovulate, and I'm not tracking anything. The only thing I know is true is when I had my period in the beginning of August. We haven't had sex much, but yesterday (9.4) I started spotting verrrrrrrrry lightly, it was super light pink and a very small amount, only when I wiped. Same with today, so I put in a tampon just in case it was evil AF. When I took the tampon out (sorry TMI), it had again some verrrry light pinkish brown discharge on it, no blood. And that was in from about 1:30pm until 7:30pm. We did have sex 5 days ago (unprotected), but glow says I "wasn't ovulating" then. I put it in quotes because again idk if I was or wasn't, I wasn't taking OPKs. Is this my period coming? (Again idk when I'm due, could be 3 days ago could be 3 months from now) or could this be implantation bleeding, is that even possible?? Idk what to do or what to think. Idk idk idk 😖😖😖😖😖