Should women be able to talk to their best friends about problems with their marriage?

My husband hates when I talk to my best friend about issues I have with him. He says that our marriage is between us & all issues should be discussed just us. Problem is he's the type of man who "is always right" so talking to him about issues I have with him just causes more problems because he doesn't see why I am upset.

I'm 36 weeks pregnant & so fed up with how he acts & treats me.

He goes out every weekend 5 weekends in a row. I say something to him about it & his response is to get shitty & say "okay well I guess I'm not allowed to go hang out with his friends & I'm just a bad guy"

He doesn't understand that I'm tired of being left at home all weekend while he goes out & gets drunk.

If it continues after my sons born... I'll have no but to leave him. I won't raise my son by myself while he's "out with the boys"

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