Cycle Day 40, AF 14 Days Late

Shelby • Isaiah 54:10💗/PCOS & Unexplained Infertility/MC Girl-Girl Twins @ 13wks// Pregnant with my 🌈🤞🏼

Today marks cycle day 40 and 2 weeks since AF was due. My period was regular last month but the month before it came 4 days before it was due. I did take a pregnancy test once my period was 5 days late this cycle and it was negative. I haven't taken one since then. I haven't been any more stressed than normal, nor have I done anything abnormal in my daily routine. I have very light cramping in my lower abdomen and back, exhaustion, headaches just about every day, extremely moody, and having some constipation as well. Not really sure what's going on but was just hoping someone may have some ideas as to what's happening or have some advice. TIA! ❤️❤️