I fell victim to the "7 year itch" and stayed.

Elizabeth • 20 years old, Mother of one, DS 9-4-14, and happily engaged!

To start off, my fiancé and I have been together for just under seven years now. A little over a month ago he went to the bar which is pretty usual for him - he likes to go on the weekends after a long week at work. He was out all night, and finally 2:30 in the morning rolled around and he called me to say he was staying at his cousins house so I went to bed and forgot about it. The next morning he ignored me for a few hours, but I figured he was just sleeping off a hangover. Finally around noon he came home and he immediately brought me into our room and said he needed to tell me something. I don't know what it was with the way he said it but I knew that he was going to tell me he cheated, which is never been a concern or worry for me in this relationship. But he started sobbing and he rolled up in a ball on our bedroom floor and told me that he had cheated on me that night. We talked for a minute or two and then I told him he had to leave for a while as my parents were coming into town and we haven't seen them for over a year, but I didn't want to make them or my fiancé uncomfortable.

Anyways, since then we've been talking and we had a few minor fight and we've had a few backtracks and he's told me a few times that he's considered leaving me for this woman, but with every speedbump we hit, we seem to get so much farther down the road to progress. And I'm still unsure if he wants to be in this relationship and, I'm still unsure myself because it's only been about a month and a half, but we've made a lot of progress and we both seem much happier than we did before. I don't know what it was but something about seeing my sons father and also my best friend curled up in a ball on the floor triggered something in me. I didn't see my cheating partner, all I saw was my best friend at the lowest point in his life. And I was hurt, but his undying remorse and his willingness to do whatever he needs to do in order to prove his trustworthiness to me has been such a relief. And I have to say the after cheating sex was really amazing. I swore I wouldn't have sex with him, but we did the day after. I don't know if it was out of competitiveness or if it was just because I was seeing my partner as a whole different person than I've ever seen him, but it was the first time since our son was born 3 years ago that I was ready to hop in bed every minute. But I will admit, the constant sex has really helped rekindle our bond and make it all a little more fun. There's still a lot of progress to be made personally and in the relationship, as this has brought out issues in me I conquered years ago, like abandonment. It was scary to think that he's the one who cheated and wanted to leave while I was just left in the pile of my ashes wondering how my world just fell to my feet. He got to fuck someone else AND he would get to leave his partner and child behind to go do whatever he wants and I'd be left to pick up the pieces. But with the month now that we've been working on it, those feelings are getting better, and I see a bright future ahead.

Here's to hopefully fixing it and being stronger than ever🥂