has anyone not made a public announcement yet?


So I'm 20 weeks and 6 days with my second little boy and I still haven't made a public/ social media announcement... I'm not quite sure why.

I know partially is because of the situation with my child's father. We don't live together and until recently he wasn't helping financially with our first born.

But also I feel like I'm still very nervous and I really desperately feel like I need to get past the 22-week mark. Both of my older sisters have had multiple miscarriages between 19 and 22 weeks. I'm at the same age as they were when they started to have miscarriages. this pregnancy has been very difficult for me and completely different from my first. luckily so far doctors aren't too concerned but they have been constantly checking my cervix for signs of weakening since I have been constantly cramping.

I guess I'm just trying to see if anyone has yet to announce for similar reasons.

oh and today was the first time I have feeling my lil one. I'm hoping that this helps me bond more with him.