Checking Your Cervix

Gunce • Head of research at Glow. Unwilling infertility expert. 2 kids after 6 IVF treatments.

Hi Ladies – As you can see in your updated app – Glow now lets you log in the position of your cervix. (Yeay!)  

So, let’s start at the basics: 

"Where is my cervix?"

Your cervix is towards the back of your vagina. You can check it by sticking a clean finger into your vagina while in a squatting position or lying on your back. I have found that one foot on the toilet also works well. Some women like to check it in the shower, where everything is nice and clean and lubricated by the water. No matter where you are, it should be a position in which you are SUPER comfortable – as you have to use the same position each time to get consistent measurements.

"Should I use a lubricant?"

As we all know, lubricants can wreak havoc on sperm. So if you have to use a lubricant, please use Pre-Seed or any other natural lubricant such as Canola Oil.

"What am I looking for? What does my cervix feel like?"

Now that’s the hard question. Because see, the position and texture of your cervix will change during your cycle. And ultimately, it is this change that gives us clues about our fertility.

During menstrual bleeding, the cervix is normally low and hard and slightly open to allow the blood to flow out. It feels like the tip of your nose.

After your period stops, the cervix remains low and firm but closes up.

As you approach ovulation, the cervix rises up to the top of the vagina and becomes softer and moister.

At the height of ovulation, the cervix feels more like your lips than your nose and it is ever so slightly open to allow sperm to enter in. There is a name for this position. It is called SHOW. (Soft, High, Open and Wet.) This is what you are looking for. This is your most optimal time to get pregnant.

Once ovulation occurs, the cervix drops lower and becomes more firm - once again feeling like the tip of your nose. This can happen immediately after ovulation or may take several hours to several days. And then the cycle repeats.

(That is unless you become pregnant. In that case, as early as 12 days after ovulation, the cervix can rise up and become soft again. But it will not feel open like it did in the SHOW position.)

"How often should I check?"

Obviously, every day works best. But who has time for that? So start checking the day after your period stops. Then every other day until you hit your fertile window. At this point, do a check every day until you feel that you have achieved SHOW. Once your fertile window closes, you can do a check every few days.

That’s it. Please let us know if you have any other questions. And let us know if you have been doing this for a while and have additional tips for our users.