finding someone better than your ex?

I was with my ex for 2 years, on and off. We were best friends, we talked about things that actually mattered to me - deep conversations about people and things that I was interested in. We could talk for ages. But, the bad trait of him is that he cheated on me and it's something I can't comprehend. He wasn't loyal, he was insensitive and oblivious to my own feelings. How can someone be so perfect for me, go behind me and stab my back? But I can't help but think i'll never find this 'connection' again. I'll never be as interested as I was, staying up all night and having interesting conversations :/ I just don't know why I valued this 'connection' so much and he didn't value it enough. It's like I know the person he is without all these loyalty issues, i believe he's a genuine person that understands the world like I do. But he's toxic for me. I've met so many guys, been having little flings, BUT NOTHING DOES IT FOR ME. They're all guys that are cocky, liars and don't have any depth that I do. Everyone seems so boring and uninteresting. It makes me sad because what if my ex is the only person that I can connect with. Is this normal? Is this a normal feeling? 😔 will I find someone better?