So frigging stressed


26 weeks and I'm about ready to scream.

Work is crazy. We're so understaffed and have lost four people in the last month (for a 20 person company, that's a big deal)!

No one at work seems to care anymore and I find myself juggling things just to keep us a float.

We're having our baby shower in just under two weeks and decided to gut and redo our main floor bathroom. My poor husband has been working non stop trying to get this ready for the shower. It's so close and I've been helping when I can, but I'm getting big and can't do everything I used to.

We decided to throw our own shower so it could be on our terms (outdoor shower with men and women - super casual). My mother has been so much help since the start - helping with food, decor, etc. MIL is MIA. Hasn't even asked if she can help. Annoying.

Last night, hubby was in a car accident in his work truck. Luckily he is ok, but it was an at fault for him and we're worried about repercussions at work because of it. His work loves him - he is hard working and has been there forever - but an accident in a company car is never good.

I feel like so many things are out of control right now and I don't know what to do to make things better ☹️

Sorry for the rant - just needed to get things off my chest.