Does he even love me?

My boyfriend said that he wants to be in an open relationship since he's always on the road for his job and since we won't get to see each other very often. I basically told him that I wasn't okay with it but eventually agreed because I felt like he'd find a fwb anyways. Anyways I later asked him why he wanted to do this and what he would do if he caught feelings for the girl and he said that he wouldn't and that he liked me more. But this is how we met. I also asked him why I wouldn't be enough for him and he said that I would but that sex can get boring after awhile. Then I said well if you feel that way then maybe we shouldn't even be together. He didn't respond to that and said that he wasn't doing it out of love but to get off. He also brought up the fact that I'm in school and that 4 years was a long time to wait for someone but I've told him many times that I was move to a school closer to him so we could be together.