are extensions cultural appropriation?

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I genuinely don't know and don't want to be rude or insensitive to anyone, and I know dreadlocks are appropriation and understand why, so I was wondering about extensions. I'm growing out a pixie cut and it looks awful right now. my mom suggested extensions but I wasn't sure if that was appropriate? I had to cut my hair off due to damage and I've been battling with disordered eating again so my hair isn't growing very fast and I just want my hair back. feeling kinda ugly tbh. but I'd rather have short hair than be insensitive. :/

I can make it look nicer than this but... ugh. I hate it lol.

super damaged lol... but long 😍 and if this was the wrong room please tell me where I should ask, there's a lot of different boards and it's a little confusing.