Was I sexually assaulted? **Please help**

I was with a guy and everything was consensual but then he started being really aggressive and was hurting me. I didn't say "your hurting me" but I said "this hurts" and "it hurts". He kept going and when I was trying to signal him to stop it get off, he wouldn't stop. What I mean by signal is trying to push him or hold him back. When I did that, he moved my hand. Then when I kept trying to move away from him, he would yell at me like "stop moving!" And get really frustrated.

A week later I talked to my university counselor about it because I didn't know and she told me to ask the sexual assault thing/ program on campus. I talked to some close friends about it and they said it was assault or rape. However, I'm still really unsure about it.

It's been 5 weeks since it happened and I still don't know.

Also is it normal that every time i see the guy, I stop, and/or I get really nervous?

I also kind of still have feelings for the guy because before that happened, we talked and we really liked each other. But I pissed him off about something dumb and then we had sex so maybe that's why he was aggressive?

Everything is just really confusing.

I feel like it's kind of my fault because I didn't directly say "stop" but I didn't really feel like I could...