everyone thinks i have an eating disorder


everyone thinks i have an eating disorder because i'm "too skinny" - my mom, dad, brother, aunts, uncles, my grandmas, even my doctors..?? i'm positive i don't have an eating disorder, but no one wants to listen to me except my friends, who are constantly with me. i eat 3 meals a day (usually oatmeal or cereal with fruit for breakfast, something like a sandwich for lunch, and dinner depends on what my mom makes.) i'm on a swim team, so i swim everyday after school. i'm also on my school's track team, so i run a lot too AND i play basketball on my school's team every other day. (i usually have back to back practices after school) plus, we have a dog and i usually run and play with him after practice for about an hour everyday. i honestly don't check my weight, and any of my friends can vouch for me when they say i eat a lot, cause they all know i love my pizza and burgers. i think i'm slim because of all the athletics i do and i have a pretty high metabolism. everyone ignores all of these factors and assume because they think i'm "too skinny" and they always think i'm in denial when i say i don't have a disorder. i don't know what to do....? does it sound like i have an eating disorder? (i'm genuinely curious because i don't see it) please help