His last name or mine for baby (please read)

We are not married but have been together 8 years. We "consider" ourselves married and this is likely the most we both feel will ever do. We just don't see a need to be married.

My last name is long, hard to pronounce and spell and there are very few of us. I am an only child so my dad does not have anyone to carry on the name. My parents really want me to give the baby (that is a boy) our last name.

His last name is short and sweet. He does not want a hyphenated last name for the child but he is not opposed were the baby to not have his last name either. I am really torn. I totally get the carrying on our dying last name tradition but I also feel the child should have his last name; even though I don't and likely ever won't. (But there is always that chance too, that we marry I suppose). He is leaving the decision up to me and I just don't know what to do.

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