Rebound Sex with a nice guy??

I have only been with one man before last night. We broke up three weeks ago after six months and my heart still hurts thinking about it. (I'm 20 and have been in a longer relationship for three years and didn't feel the way I felt with him)

I met up a dude from tinder on Saturday. We hung out and talked for four hours and I finally started to feel "okay." (Maybe just distracted but okay works too..)

Last night we hung out. We played a shit ton of board games (and yall ladies know I whooped him at all of them). Then I kissed him, and not much longer...dun dun dun...we had sex.

Period sex. he even ate me out...weird but okay.

The sex was so amazing I actually had my first vaginal orgasm (I've came from clitoral stimulation on my own but my ex never made me orgasm) and then we had sex again.

Then he wanted to cuddle after and talk about feelings and every time I told him about my passion for theatre it's like he was hanging off my every word...

So down to the nitty gritty -- has anyone had rebound sex and the relationship worked out?

**Slut shaming doesn't bother me. I was happily consenting so that's all that matters. Thank you in advance for advice**