Lost and sad


I lost my first baby with an ex. I didnt even know i was pregnant. Then I had a beautiful daughter shania nicole 7-12-12 she was due 7-4-12. I am now with another guy and we found in July that when i went to the er in June they did a pregnancy test and nvr told me. I ended calling the hospital after I took an home pregnancy test and had found out. My bf was in the bathroom with me he was looking at the test when it said positive and he was shocked. I was preggo. Well on 7-12-17 I was told I was suffering a miscarriage. I was only 4 wks along. I dont understand why ive miscarriaged babies twice. What's wrong with my body :'( . Me and my bf got together on Valentine's Day this year. I want more kids and he also wants a baby. I just don't get it :'( It hurts me to see ppl post about their rainbow baby. I bleed for almost a month. I haven't got my period since the miscarriage blood. I took another home test and its negative. I feel very emotional all the time, some sm

ell make me want to puke, sometimes when I eat i feel like I'm going to puke. Plz give me some advice!!