BFP and Brown discharge


Hi ladies, so yesterday I got my first bfp after an ectopic pregnancy back in April, that pregnancy ended with me loosing my left tube. Anyway fast forward to this month I was due for AF on the 13th I thought I was out for the month because on the 12th I had some scant dark brown spotting, on the 13th the brown spotting continued and was enough to warrant wearing a light pad this continued until the 14th then tapered off to scant spotting again on the 15th and 16th. However there was no red blood just very dark brown blood which isn't normal for me. So out of curiosity I tested yesterday with a very positive result I also tested this morning and the line was darker, I had a doctors appointment today and will be getting bloods done tomorrow morning and an early ultrasound to make sure its in the right place. So my question here ladies is did you have a brown "period" like bleed and go on to have a normal healthy pregnancy?