"Deep" cervix??


has anyone heard of this? or know much about it, we've always had trouble ttc it takes us ages! even tho iv got 2 children now it still takes us a good 2-3 to conceive them.. we wanted a big family and started at 18, im now 27 and still having trouble. iv been to the doctor were i had a blood test and they just palmed me off and said im fine, as well as my husband is fine. But having my two babyboys was extremely painful and difficult for nurses and midwifes to examined me and been told before they cant "reach" my cervix or they need me to put my fists under my bottom to help them reach it, one midwife had to ask another midwife to do it completely! so the question is.. it is this whats been my problem all along?! This is why i cnt conceive as easy coz them poor lil swimmers cnt reach me?? is there anything i could try at home?

thankyou in advance! 😘 babydust to you all! x x