Do you let your little one watch tv?


Hey ladies. I'm a first time mom with a 4 month old. please no judgement.

I was wondering everyone's views on tv watching. In the morning sometimes I put my son in his swing and out cartoons on while I have a coffee and eat breakfast. It keeps him happy for a half hour. Is this terrible of me? I was told kids under 2 years of age shouldn't look at any screens as it's not good for their brain development. I even heard them hearing the tv in the background isn't good. I do believe that kids shouldn't have too much screen time and I won't be letting him watch too much tv once he's older. The thing is, I'm tired and sometimes I don't even get time to eat or if my husband is at work and I need to set him down so I can pump it keeps him happy so he's not screaming.

Any opinions?