14dpo I needed this! 😼👿Rant Poetry



$.88 test is a bust                                       

Feeling moody as fuck                                

Were two pizzas a must?                                             

half asleep phone in hand                                          

On these boards all the time                        

Rating stranger's discharge for resemblance like mine                                                          

 14dpo, what the fuck does that mean?              

Means I've turned into a POAS bitch machine          

"oohh" left ovary whines of dark bloody days ahead                                                                            

Thanks lefty, but fuck a tampon                  


  Guess you're stuck bleeding in bed

I'm ready for my baby, I have a great Name!           

No Negatrons, no Spamanthas (are these chicks fucking insane??!)                                            

Well the sun is up now so time for the rat race                                         

 One more pee on a stick?                                         

Duh. Just in case.