boyfriend problems

okay so last night my boyfriend and i got into an argument out of nowhere. we were at his house and it was getting late so we decided to head over to my house. we stopped at walgreens and he was in such a bad mood and in the car i asked him what’s wrong and he said his aunt and i was there when they had a little fight and i was like are you sure? then he said “you” and i was like okay what did i do? and he said “lack of sexual activity” but we had sex two weeks ago and i’ve been on my period and sick and focusing on school. he was being a huge dick about it saying it doesnt have to be sex i could give him head. it really pissed me off because he said he wouldn’t never get mad at me for turning down sex because ive had a rough history with guys and using me for sex. he ended up sleeping over and was super apologetic but i’m still hurt. is it wrong for me to be hurt? he just kept saying all i wanna do is play house with him and i’m selfish and he’s done feeling this way then after that he was apologetic.