My boyfriend is a SEX ADDICT LEVEL 91. Sometimes it gets very annoying and I would get irritated as soon as he tries, but my irritation and attitude doesn't make him stop. So yesterday he told me he wanted to learn to control himself....then asked me if we could have sex in the bathroom of his job 😕. Right. After Church though we were smoking and he started talking about controlling himself again. At this point I'm high and this idea just ran out of my mouth..."Fine🤷🏽‍♀️. No more sex until after you propose. And it can't be a ' I'm horny as fuck so I'm just gonna propose so I can get my rocks off.' Kind of proposal either. You have to really be ready. So he wasn't excited he asked for it one more time and I said No. But since that moment (even tho it was only been since yesterday @4pm and he leaves for work @11pm comes home around 8am) he hasn't looked at, talked to, texted, hugged, kissed, or even been in a room with me. Did i just ruin my relationship?