How to tell him

Cassandra marie • Engaged To my one and only Enmauel Castillo and mother of.Auriel marie

Okay so me and my fiance have been together for 3 years and have an 8 mouth old baby girl. In the beginning of this relationship we started off as friends nothing serious up untill when he officially asked me to be his girl i said lets see how things go because i just broke up with my abusive ex and when we started going out i cheated on him and i still regret it big ass time so when we would fight things would get very bad but we both sat down and talked about everything we been throu but anyways we got engaged and some things i can not do because he thinks ive cheated on him on social media but its not true. But anyways we had our daughter and everyone was saying how auriel my daughter wasnt going to be his i did slept with someone way before we found out we was pregnant. Now im scared every time he threats me to take me to court witch i have no problem fighting for my child he only buys formula dippers that's all ive bought everything and his family did too. My feelings are not there anymore to the point i force my self to stay for my child no one else.

Sorry about my periods not in good spots