My dog is fine!!!! 😑😒

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I am so freaking sick of my damn neighbors calling the cops on me saying I am neglecting my sweet girl. The cops come everytime saying they have received a call of an emaciated dog. They say I am not feeding her and have me take her to a vet for a check up. She receives a perfect bill of health every single time. They say I am mean to her and never do anything with her and that I hate her as well. The neighbors say the dog "doesn't look happy". Bull shit to all of it!! I spoil the shit out of my babies!! All 4 of them! My babies are all very happy and my other neighbors even come over and vouch for me that I spend all the time I can with them and that my babies are very happy. Do they look underfed or unhappy to you?!

My Great Dane. The one they say is extremely skinny. The vet says she is perfect.

My old boy. Vet says he is actually overweight.

And then my two kitties.